Sizes quoted are based on Framed Metric Measurements (w x h) followed by Framed Imperial Measurements (w x h). The prices listed include the framed painting and delivery within mainland UK. For destinations to the islands and areas outwith the UK, delivery will be charged at cost.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings, please contact Lily for prices.

Please also contact Lily prior to purchase to ensure the availability of the painting of your choice as it may be on exhibition at a gallery.

"Amber Hunter"
"Looking for Oleg"
"I Hear You"
56 x 56
61 x 64
22 x 22
24 x 25
"Foxy Lady"
84 x 48
48 x 48
33 x 26
19 x 19
"Mountain High"
30 x 30
74 x 79
12 x 12
29 x 31
"Nordic Serenity"
"Breath Of Pride"
76 x 76
77 x 61
30 x 30
30 x 24
"Family Trio"
"Little Bell Ringer"
77 x 56
56 x 46
30 x 22
22 x 18
"Before the Kill"
66cmw x 56cmh
64cmw x 76cmh
or 26”w x 22”h
or 25”w x 30”h
"Solitary Protection"
"Hide & Seek"
48cmw x 41cmh
43cmw x 36cmh
or 19”w x 16”h
or 17”w x 14”h
"Reign Supreme"
"Bella & Hamish"
92cmw x 76cmh
23cmw x 23cmh
or 36”w x 30”h
or 9”w x 9”h
"Crushed Velvet"
"Red Velvet"
60cmw x 60cmh
60cmw x 60cmh
or 24”w x 24”h
or 24”w x 24”h
"Homeward Bound"
"I See the Moon"
60cmw x 46cmh
33cmw x 43cmh
or 24”w x 18”h
or 13”w x 17”h
"Leader of the Pack"
66cmw x 46cmh
56cmw x 46cmh
or 24”w x 18”h
or 22”w x 18”h
"The Eyes Have It"
"Sunset Shadows"
66cmw x 54cmh
50cmw x 80cmh
or 26”w x 21”h
or 20”w x 31”h
"Moonlight Sonata"
"Dazzle of Zebras"
33cmw x 43cmh
69cmw x 51cmh
or 13”w x 17”h
or 27”w x 20”h


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